Lost Property

We have a new process for dealing with lost property. It is run by volunteer staff and students.

If you lose something in school

  1. Visit the last place you remember having it. If it isn't there, retrace your steps and check all the classrooms/areas you have been in that day.

  2. If you still can't find your lost item, go to the Library to see if it has been handed in.

  3. If your lost item hasn't been handed in yet, a note will be made of what you have lost. If it is handed in at a later time, it can then be returned to you.

Labelled items

If an item is labelled, an email will be sent to the student and their tutor.

Valuable items

If you lose items such as keys, phones, jewellery or watches you should check if they have been handed in at Student Services. These will not be kept in lost property.


All students are encouraged to have a locker where you can keep items safe. Lockers mean you don't have to carry things like your coat or PE kit around the academy.

You can get a locker from the Library and pay using cash or Classcharts points. Lockers are £5 which is refunded when you return your key at the end of Year 11.

If you find something in school

You can take it tothe Library at break, lunch or after school.

Lost property that isn't reclaimed

Lost property will be held for 90 days. After this time:

  • Items that are in good condition and are not part of our uniform will be given to charity. This includes coats, bags, trainers.

  • Uniform and PE kit that is in good condition will be donated to our uniform exchange.

  • Items that are not suitable for charity or the uniform exchange will be thrown away.