Help guides

Make sure you are logged in with your academy Google account

Your username will be something like (don't forget to add on at the end) and use your normal password.

Switching between accounts

Google Classroom etc. will not work with your personal account. You might need to switch between accounts - view this slideshow to see how.

Top tips on learning from home

VIDEO: get started with Google Classroom?

Where do I find the codes to join the Google Classrooms?

These are all listed by Year Group here.

Handing in assignments on Google Classroom

Click on the Classwork tab to find all your assignments.

Here is what an assignment looks like:

  • Instructions on the top left
  • On the right, students will see...
    • any worksheets or useful documents the teacher has given them. Some tasks might ask students to put their answer straight on there.
    • a place to upload work if that's what the teacher asks for. This could be a word document, or a photo of written work etc.
    • and finally, a big blue Turn In button. Students should press this once they have finished with the worksheet or after they have uploaded any work.